Bench Stones

All KME products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Our bench stones, whether KME ceramic, Arkansas, or diamond are the best we can get our hands on. Our commitment to you is that we offer only the finest sharpening products. When you deal with KME, you deal with quality.

Ceramic Sharpening Stones
Here at KME we finally found a manufacturer we can trust to make us our own aluminum-oxide ceramic stones. Now we have complete confidence in the quality and we're proud to give them the KME stamp of approval.
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Arkansas Sharpening Stones
All Arkansas stones are not the same! We have determined that the authority on the subject of Arkansas stones is Dan Kirschman of Danís Whetstone Company. Dan owns the mines, the machinery and closely oversees the production of all of his stones. Like KME Sharpeners, Dan insists on producing superior products. We are proud to offer you this selection of Danís whetstones.
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DMT Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stones
Our diamond hones are made by DMT. We offer only their "continuous diamond" products because they are the best diamond hones you can get from DMT.
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