Arkansas Sharpening Stones

Arkansas Sharpening Stones
Arkansas sharpening stones are made from the mineral novaculite, which is a naturally occurring mineral found only in the Arkansas area. Arkansas stones are mined, cut to size, and then lapped flat. They are "stones" in the true sense of the word.

While the process of making finished Arkansas sharpening stones may be similar from brand to brand, donít believe that all Arkansas sharpening stones are the same!

Attention to detail and the quality of workmanship is what separates a average sharpening stone from a great one. We have looked at many brands in order to provide you with the best Arkansas sharpening stones available.

We have determined that the authority on the subject of Arkansas sharpening stones is Dan Kirschman of Danís Whetstone Company.

Dan owns the mines, the machinery and closely oversees the production of all of his stones. Like KME Sharpeners, Dan insists on producing superior products.

We are proud to offer you this selection of Danís Arkansas whetstones. When sharpening any knife, use lots of oil on your Arkansas sharpening stone and clean the stone with regular soap and water.



Coarse Grit - Dan's Washita Stones
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Medium Grit - Dan's Soft Arkansas Stone
Medium-Fine Grit - Dan's Hard Arkansas Stone
Extra Fine Grit - Dan's Hard Black Arkansas Stone
Super Fine Grit - Dan's Hard Translucent Arkansas Stone