Here's what our customers are saying...

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Here's what our customers are saying about our
KME Knife Sharpening System:


"Rec'd the knife sharpener Monday. WOW!!!!! set the bevel on my Grizzly's according to the directions at the Tusker website and took your stones to them, never had broadheads this sharp, even my Helle knife that I thought was sharp is almost too sharp to run my thumb across it. Very easy directions to follow and worth every penny spent."
Paul Rainha, Ashford WA


"Just got your product must say its the best ever and will help ease my life at work and in the wild... Thanks!"
Scott Bishop, Age 19


"I have purchased more knife & broadhead sharpeners than most people can imagine.Every time I attended a outdoor show in the last 40 years I would come home with another. Your sharpeners are outstanding and are the best I have ever used. Your instructional video on your web site can make anyone an expert in a few minutes. The workmanship and how well your product is made in addition to your "one on one" customer service is just outstanding.

After using your sharpener on my neck knife it became so "surgically sharp" that is was cutting through the sinew on the leather sheath so I had to dull the blade a little,that attest to an outstanding sharpening system. Many members of my organization just love your product and now all of their broadheads and knives are KME Sharp!"

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro President T.A.N.J. Middletown, N.J.


"I have used all kinds of knife sharpening systems in my 20 years of knife making. Most have left me wanting more, they have been disappointing at best. The best system I have found for me to use has been a block and ceramic sticks. I can put a finish edge on any blade with relative ease.

Up until today's mail came and I opened my package from KME I thought ceramic sticks were the way to go. I have just sharpened my first knife with the KME system and I am impressed. I put a razor edge on a knife that I could barely put an edge at all with ceramic sticks (it's a cheap import that I keep around.................I don't know why I keep it around, it's junk)

The KME Knife Sharpening System is the best knife sharpening system I have seen to date. I know I am going to be very happy with it for years to come."

Roger Shirley, RDS Custom Knives, Marietta, Ohio


"Hi all, First of all, I just got a chance to work with my new KME knife sharpener. This sharpener is without a doubt the finest I have ever worked with! First I practiced a bit on a knife that had a pretty good edge, just to get a feel for how it all worked. So far so good, got a better edge then it ever had before! Then I got ready for the big challenge: a recently purchased brand name knife that had a 23-25 degree angle on one side of the blade, and 25-27 degree angle on the other side. Good steel, but the factory sharpening was pathetically inconsistent! After about 2 hours of serious work with all four stones in the KME system, I now have a knife with a consistent edge and even angles on BOTH sides of the blade. I really wondered if it could work on a knife this bad, and it does. THANKS Ron for the phone advice on determining edge angle, and everyone at KME for a great product that works as advertised!"
Randi, Worcester, MA

"I am amazed at how well the KME Knife Sharpener works, I took an old knife that had been through numerous deer seasons and was dull as a blade can get. I put a razor sharp edge that was shaving hair off of my arm and leg better than a razor. Needless to say I looked pretty stupid when I was done with barren spots all over the place but I could not stop, it was addictive. Awesome product!"
Jim H. Forristell MO.

"HOLY Smokes! That thing is incredible!!! Thank you so much. As soon as I got it opened, I went to work... I am absolutely amazed at how easy your knife sharpener is to use, and get "hair splitting" results in just minutes! After I got my everyday pocket knife literally, razor sharp in just a few minutes, I found myself searching through all my gear looking for knives to sharpen. Then I moved on to the kitchen knives. Totally amazing. Great design! I own many sharpening "systems", but I can say without a doubt, yours is the best... hands down!"
Tom S. -New Hampshire

"To the crew at KME, I got the knife sharpener and have been using it on everything in sight. I have had your broadhead kit for a while and have just one word for both- GREAT, in my 43 years of hunting and fishing not anything comes close. Great products that everyone at KME can be proud of."
Charles S. Dundee, NY.

"I used to love to buy a new knife because they always seemed so sharp. Over time I would simply get a new knife or find someone that could sharpen it for me. Since receiving my KME knife sharpener, I get razor sharp knives in minutes! All my old knives are now razor sharp and I finally get to throw away that drawer full of sharpeners and gadgets that never worked anyway. Now I feel like I'm the "go to" guy and I finally don't have to rely on anyone else to have a razor sharp knife! Thanks KME."
Perry Miller, South Carolina

"Ron, Just a note to let you know that I finally got around to using my KME Knife Sharpener. To say that I am impressed would be an understatement. I have had good results using other brands - but overall your product is by far superior. I will recommend your product to all my friends."
Craig Schoneberg Grand Island, NE

"My brother called to tell me that I had to try this new KME knife sharpener. I ordered one and let me tell all the hunters, and sportsmen- Get one! Every knife I have will cut on contact, no pressure. Thank you KME, best product I have ever used."
Jerry S. Salem MO

Just a short note to say that I tried out the KME knife sharpener on my hunting knife and our German kitchen knives. It did a fantastic much so that I told my wife to be very careful when she uses the knives. Over the years, I have purchased a number of different knife sharpening systems but, the KME works the best and is the easiest to use. It is well designed and comes with clear instructions. Thanks for upgrading my knife sharpening abilities."

Lee Salber, PA

"Just got my knife sharpening system and I love it. It is much easier than others I have used and puts a wicked edge on my blades. Great product."
Rob S., North Carolina

I�m astounded. Again, twenty minutes out of the box and I have my hunting knives back to the factory edge, or better. Describe the end result any way you want - scary sharp, silly sharp, deadly sharp, shaving sharp, or just fighting awesome, your knife sharpening system rocks! The only way you can top this would be for the knives and broadheads to sharpen themselves!"

Brian Scarnegie, Illinois

"This has to be the best knife sharpener on the market today. At last a new, useful and uncomplicated sharpener design that gets the job done. It's that simple!!! It gets my knives scary sharp, I mean RAZOR SHARP!!!!! You'll be turned into a believer when you use one, believe me. Thank you KME, thank you...."
Daniel Quevillon, Fort Simpson, NWT

I have used the sharpener some more since we last spoke. This thing is amazing! Every knife I own will effortlessly shave hair now. I was never able to get my knives this sharp with my other rod and stone system. The ease of use and quality of this knife sharpener is the best there is! You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond to find a solution to help me sharpen the gut-hook on my main hunting knife. It should zip through anything now! Thanks again. You will be my go-to man for all of my sharpening needs in the future."

Jeff Lorsbach - Illinois

"After watching Ron take customers old, cheep, and nicked knives and hone them in 1-2 minutes to the point where when he drew the blade across his arm the hair just fell off, I had to get one for my self. As soon as I got it I sharpened everything I could from my knife collection to my mom�s favorite kitchen knife, and the results were better than anything I've yet tried or seen. Everyone I tell about it gives me their knife and says "Here I put a pretty good edge on it, but see what you can do". When its done, I hand it back to them and what they thought was "pretty good" was in fact nothing compared to the highly polished ultra sharp blade that the KME Sharpener put on it, they just couldn't be more impressed. This system eliminates human error. Thanks for the awesome product! I tell everyone it is the nicest system I've ever used. I sharpen a lot of knives and the thing still works like new! Not only is the product itself incredible but, the customer service at KME is just outstanding. Every time I call I speak with the same man, the same man who was at the expo, and he remembers me and knows that good customer service lends it self to customer loyalty, and let me tell you as a customer of more than one purchase, KME Sharpeners is top notch!"
Logan Snyder, PA

Just wanted to let you know that I received my knife sharpener today. This is without a doubt the best knife sharpener I have ever used. I've been a Lansky user for over 15 years, and I was able to get a much sharper and cleaner edge on my hunting knife with your unit than I ever could with the Lansky. Not only was the blade considerably sharper, but the KME sharpener is so easy to use. I'm actually starting to get excited about touching up my wife's kitchen knives with this sharpener. The Leather Strop is also fantastic, very well made. Shipping was extremely fast too(2 days). Thanks for making such a great product!"

Paul Flint-Chatham NY

"The sharpening jig arrived perhaps one half hour ago. I don't even know what I'm doing yet and that edge is so sharp the hair on my arms leaps off just like you said it would. I have NEVER in my life been able to achieve this level of sharp before This sharpening jig will soon redefine the definition of surgically sharp Thanks!"
Brian Scarnegie Illinois

We built our broadhead sharpener because we couldn't buy one that worked. Apparently, we weren't the only ones with this problem.

Here's what our customers are saying:

"First or all, let me start off by telling you how "KICK ASS" your sharpener is! I was very excited to get it home to try out on my Zwickies. Look out!!!! These babies are leathal.Your KME sharpener brought them to a level I never thought possible for broadheads. Thanks for a super product!"
Tom H.--NH

"Hello Ron, today the sharpener is arrived. I'm quite satisfied; it works well, very well and easy; I have resharpened two Delta Zwickey in few minutes. Thanks for this fantastic product. I'll tell my satisfaction to my friends."
Vladmiro T. Bologna, Italy

"Yep, just got it today. Thanks a bunch. I sharpened a few slick trick blades and had them shaving sharp in no time. Great product."
Joe D. N.C.

"I just bought one of your Arrow head sharpeners, it works great, best edge I have had on a broadhead in 43 Years."
R.C.G.- Omaha, NE.

"Finally my blades are wicked sharp! What a great product and easy to use! My old Bear Razorheads have NEVER gotten this sharp before. I am tossing my mill file out!"
Jorge C. in MD.

"Finally someone built one.... Well done!"
Yves, Canada

"I received your package the other day (Thank you) and finally got a chance to put her through the paces. Needless to say.....EXCELLENT product, Ron...absolutely the best 2 blade sharpening jig I've used or even seen! Thanks for producing such a great product...I'll tell every one I talk to about sharpening broadheads, to buy your product, it's that good! Heck it's better than good it's PERFECT!"
Bill Howland Brackenbury Custom Bows Nine Mile Falls, WA.

"Ron I have been using and sharpening Magnus broadheads for years. I now have the sharpest Magnus broadheads on the planet!, This is the greatest broadhead sharpener in the world!"
Brian M. N.J.

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how impressed I am by your customer service. You always get back to me and even return calls on the weekend. It obviously is very important to you that this product works for everyone who buys it, and it really works well. Every bow hunter should have one of your broadhead sharpeners. It gets out of the box blades razor sharp in no time. I also sharpened blades that I had been using for target practice, in a matter of minutes they were sharper than they were out of the box. Thanks again for a great product. You can bet I will tell my friends."

Dean Elbe Treehopper LLC

I have been looking for this product for 20+ years. I have searched and searched for an easier more efficient way to get my broadheads razor sharp and until now have been unsuccessful. A sharp broadhead is very critical in archery due to the fact that clean cuts bleed a lot more than a rough cut. Today's broadheads are very durable and a simple sharpening from time to time will extend their lives dramatically. The KME sharpener even sharpens replaceable bleeder blades with ease. I could never sharpen them in the past simply because they are too small to hold. Even a new out of the box broadhead in my opinion is made much better by simply giving it a few swipes on a quality stone with the angle held true from the KME sharpener. This tool should be a must in all bow hunters bag of tricks. Thanks for this much-needed product."

Tom Jenkins,- Kentucky

"The KME Sharpener has put the crazy lethal edge on my blades necessary for my standards. Not only do they kill faster, but the animal expires in the shortest time, when lethally hit, due to the massive hemorrhaging caused by extremely, extremely sharp blades. Supporting our responsibility as ethical hunters and conservationists, The KME Broadhead sharpener kit is a complete package and a must have for an archery hunter!!!"
Peter Pettos. - Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your broadhead sharpener. I ordered it this summer and I can get any two blade head razor sharp in no time. It's so nice not having to battle getting broadheads sharp. I'll never use anything else. I finally got to put a broadhead to the test Thanksgiving day. I killed a great Kansas whitetail with my recurve and a Magnus Stinger two blade on my arrow. Arrow zipped through him like nothing and I had a great blood trail from the spot he was standing at the shot to where he piled up 150 yards later. Thanks again for a great product. I'll recommend it to anyone."
C. Brock - Idaho Falls, ID

"Absolutely the best broadhead sharpener I've ever had. Creates the SMOOTHEST shaving sharp edge that I could never get with any other type of sharpener. I also have the knife sharpener and is just as great as the broadhead sharpener."
Larry Klein- Annapolis, MD

Just wanted to let you know that there is another very satisfied bowhunter using your product. I received the broadhead sharpener and put it to immediate use on a Magnus1. Followed your easy to understand instructions and in no time had the entire head hair popping sharp. I was never able to get the tips on the triple laminated heads really sharp....until now!! The entire length of the head is scary sharp. Its a great confidence builder to head into the woods with heads that are super sharp. I am nocking arrows now and saying to myself "be careful that broadhead IS sharp"!!! I look forward to trying some of your Arkansas stones and taking sharpness beyond "razor sharp". Keep up the great work."

John D. Maryland

"I just received my broadhead & replacement blade sharpener in the mail after hearing some good reviews. I can't say enough about it, in just an hours worth or so of using it. I am able to sharpen all my replacement blades that in the past I could never even come close to getting sharp. In a short period of time, they are able to be taken to that scary sharp level. Never again will I need to buy replacement blades, now that I am able to sharpen all the ones I've kept over the years. Thanks for making a way to get this done, and doing so with a VERY easy to use and well built product."
Ryan Williams Tarentum, PA

"I have tried them immediately when I received. The knife sharpener is just amazing, as so the broadhead sharpener. I have achieved the best possible sharp edge with you sharpeners. My pocket knife and broadhead that I have tested are shaving hair really easy. No more hair on my left arm to show how sharp they are for my friends!"
Gus Druziki, Brazil

"Hi my name is Ethan and I have a broadhead sharpening disorder. All kidding aside, I tried several different means to sharpen my 2 blade heads, but could never obtain a degree of sharpness that I felt comfortable hunting with. That was until I finally got around to giving KME a call and ordered their broadhead sharpener. Then I discovered that what I thought was sharp really wasn't. I can now shave hair off my arm easily. It's absolutely fool-proof and impossible to goof up with! This is now the only sharpener I'll use. I recommend this system to any and everyone who wants their heads that SCARY sharp."
Ethan Grotheer, Missouri