New! KME Double Clamp Bar Accessory

New! KME Double Clamp Bar Accessory
Item# DCB-1

Product Description

New! KME Double Clamp Bar Accessory

Our Double Clamp Bar snaps right into your KME Knife Sharpener. It’s quick and easy both to install and remove. Just remove the jaws from your sharpener and attach the clamp bar like you were swapping out jaws.

Provides excellent blade support when sharpening your longer Chef’s knives and long heavy bushcraft knives. Also excellent for sharpening fillet knives, boning knives, and other thin flexible knives when used with one set of our Pen Knife Pro Jaws to securely hold these highly flexible blade tips.

Clamps are freely adjustable in the bar until the blade is clamped. Tightening the lever clamps the blade and locks the clamp in place at the same time. Fine tuning each clamps exact position in the bar can be done quickly and easily with a knife in the jaws. Leaving the clamps loose allows for fine clamp and blade position adjustments before tightening fully.

The adjustable lever arms provide greater clamping power when tightening the clamp and they’re adjustable too! After tightening the clamp, if the lever arm is sticking up and interfering with sharpening (any position other than horizontal), simply pull straight back on the spring-loaded lever arm to disengage it from the locked position, rotate the lever to the horizontal position with the arm pointed out away from the sharpener, and release. The lever will spring back and reengage for loosening after you’re done sharpening.

As with all KME products the Double Clamp Bar and all its components are Made in the USA.
The double Clamp Bar comes with: 8’ machined aluminum bar with slots for two clamps 2 clamp assemblies with spring loaded adjustable lever arms 1 set of Standard LP Jaws

*This accessory does not increase the length of blades that can be sharpened. The maximum blade length is still a bit over 10” of actual cutting edge. It does make sharpening longer knives and fillet knives far easier and maintains perfect bevel geometry right to the very tip of the knife.

Note: We cannot substitute Pen Knife Pro jaws for the LP jaws at this time.

Installing your LP jaws in the empty clamp assembly.

Step 1- Remove standard LP jaws from your knife sharpener.

Step 2- To remove the empty clamp assembly from the Double Clamp Bar: Loosen the clamp lever till it comes completely off the T-stud. The clamp assembly will fall out. (Don’t lose the flat washer under the lever.)

Step 3- Install the LP jaws from your sharpener in the empty clamp assembly by inserting the jaws and T-stud into the base plate as you would when changing jaws in the sharpener.

Step 4- Place the loose clamp assembly back into the double clamp bar. The stud will be extending out of the back. From the back side, place the washer on the stud, then thread the clamp lever on to secure the assembly in the bar.

Installing the Double Clamp Bar

Step 1- With no jaws in the sharpener, back the 3-wing knob way off as you would if you were changing jaws.

Step 2- Push the spring knob forward to extend the T-head bolt well out in front of the base plate.

Step 3- While keeping the spring knob pushed forward, slip the end of the T-bolt through the opening in the clamp bar and rotate the bar as necessary to allow the clamp bar to seat inside the base plate.

Step 4- Rotate the clamp bar and base plate together until the T-bolt is perpendicular to the rectangular opening in the clamp bar.

Step 5- Release the spring knob, then rotate the clamp bar and baseplate to engage the detents.

Step 6- Make sure the T- bolt end is still perpendicular to the rectangle opening in the bar, then tighten the 3 wing knob to lock the clamp bar into the sharpener.