KME Precision Knife Sharpening System Deluxe Kit

KME Precision Knife Sharpening System Deluxe Kit
Item# KF-DLX

Product Description

KME Precision Knife Sharpening System Deluxe Kit - SAVE!

You asked and we listened. Here it is- Everything you could possibly need to handle almost any sharpening job, all together in one compact, portable kit.

The Deluxe Kit Includes:
The KME Precision Knife Sharpening System,
The Base,
Stop collar
The Accessory Stone Storage Box,
The Stone Thickness Compensator,
Eleven grits included!
All 6 grits of our Gold series Diamond Hones:

The 50 grit Beast
The XXC-100
The XC-140
The Coarse-300
The Fine-600
The X-Fine-1500

And our popular set of four ceramic/Arkansas stones:
The X-Coarse-60 grit
The Coarse-120 grit
The Medium-320
The medium-fine Hard Arkansas stone
Dropper bottle of honing oil (Not shown)

And for getting your edges to the next level, the Deluxe Kit also includes:
1 Kangaroo Leather Strop
1 Bottle of 4 micron CBN Emulsion (4,000 grit)

Use the 50 grit Beast and XXC-100 grits for restoring abused or damaged blades, the XC-140, Coarse-300, Fine-600, and X-Fine 1500 grit diamond hones for quickly taking a blade from dull to extreme, hair popping sharpness.

The ceramics and Arkansas stones are excellent for refining the scratch pattern after finishing up with the diamonds and for everyday blade maintenance. These stones will produce highly refined, razor sharp edges that demand respect.

The Stone Thickness Compensator makes maintaining the sharpening angle effortless when using stones of different thickness.

Use the kangaroo strop and 4 micron CBN emulsion as a last step for a very dramatic jump in both sharpness and polish.