NEW! KME Precision Control Plus - Professional Knife Sharpening System

NEW! KME Precision Control Plus - Professional Knife Sharpening System
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Product Description

KME Precision Control Plus

Professional knife sharpening system



• Super smooth friction drive angle adjustment system with micro adjustment feature. Operates with one hand and provides absolute angle control at all times.

• Unique built in stone thickness compensation system is extremely precise and very easy to use. The STC system also operates with one hand. Doubles as an angle cube zeroing table.

• Rod end guide bearing with full 360 rotation.

• Quick twist disconnect removable base. The system can be used on the base or off the base held in hand.

• Innovative threaded Monopod brace provides a rock-solid sharpening platform. Easily installed and removed in seconds. No tools required.

• Fully adjustable stone carrier with magnetic plate for angle cube use. Uses any stone between 4” and 6” in length.

• Clamps lock blades securely in place using powerful levers or the hand knob. No tools required to tighten or loosen clamps.

• Easily switch between the double clamp bar or single center clamp in seconds with no tools.

• Interchangeable jaw system offers capability to switch between standard jaws used for most knives to Pen Knife Pro Jaws for sharpening even the tiniest traditional slip joint blades or use one set of standard jaws and one set of Pen Knife Pro jaws together for fillet knives and boning knives. There’s even a set of jaws for broadheads. No tools required to switch jaw sets.

• Max blade thickness- Saber grind- 3/8” thick or more Full flat grind- 3/16” thick.

• Longest blade sharpenable - 20” or more easily.

• Angle range- 10 degrees per side to 45 degrees per side.

• Comes fully assembled in custom foam lined hardshell storage case with 7” x 3-1/2” x 2” stone and accessory storage box included in the case.

• Four 6-inch KME Gold Series diamond stones included- 1 each XC-140, C-300, F-600, XF-1500

Lifetime guarantee on all parts and components.

Legendary KME customer service and support.

Full line of accessory stones, strops, and diamond lapping films in both 4 inch and 6-inch lengths.