Diamond Emulsions

Diamond Emulsions
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Superior quality USA polycrystalline diamond emulsions in the greatest concentration possible. Exacting control of both particle size and distribution for uniformity of formula across batches. The real deal. No skimping here. Originally formulated by Ken Schwartz, these polycrystalline diamond emulsions are proven to produce truly spectacular finishes. Superior results when used with our kangaroo leather strops. 10 ml per bottle.

Directions- These are highly concentrated formulas. No need to soak your strops! On a new, thirsty strop, 4-6 drops at the very most will provide a very thorough initial coating that will service 6-8 knives without needing to add more. Space the drops on the surface and quickly spread with finger or other implement. Allow to dry (Generally under 5 minutes). Strop down, away from the cutting edge to prevent cutting into the leather. Re-apply just 1-2 drops when you see performance begin to diminish. One 10 ml bottle should service literally hundreds of knives. Guaranteed shelf life of one year minimum and should remain fully effective for several years.