KME Pen Knife Pro Jaws

KME Pen Knife Pro Jaws
Item# KJ-PKP

Product Description

KME Pen Knife Pro Jaws

You’ve been asking us for these for a long time!

We’ve been listening too so we’re introducing the Pen knife Pro Jaws designed specifically for sharpening very narrow traditional gentleman’s folders and pen knives ...and at very low bevel angles too.

Wait till you see what you can do with these!

NEW KME pen knife pro jaws can handle nearly any small knives - and is made in the U.S.A.

Pictured are just a few samples of knives which previously have been difficult or impossible to sharpen with any traditional clamp type sharpening system ...but not anymore!

Saber grinds, full flat grinds, and even full hollow ground blades are held securely with no need to tape or shim the blades.

Using the KME Generation II with the Pen Knife Pro Jaws you can sharpen even the smallest blades at angles down to 17 degrees. ...and many knives can be sharpened at even lower angles than that.

How small and narrow of a blade can the Pen Knife Pro Jaws sharpen?

NEW KME pen knife pro jaws made in the U.S.A.

Here’s one of the smallest blades we could find:

Victorinox SD Classic
Blade: 1-5/16” long x .228” wide
Grind: Full flat
Lowest Setting: 17 Degrees
Actual Sharpening Angle: 17 Degrees

To see how easy it is to change jaws in the KME Knife Sharpener - check out the video below.