CBN Emulsions & Leather Strops

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CBN Emulsions (Cubic Boron Nitride) for micro-finishing and polishing.

Think your knife is sharp?
Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is second only to diamond in hardness and is similar to man made diamond. It is an exceptional finishing and polishing micro-abrasive. KME brand CBN emulsions are specially formulated by sharpening stone and micro-abrasive expert Ken Schwartz and are available in grits ranging from 4 micron (4000 grit) down to an incredible mirror polishing .1 (1/10th) micron size (160,000 grit).

KME CBN emulsions are extremely simple to apply and use too. No heating or softening required. No need to work the compound into the strop either. Just apply a single drop to the surface of the strop, spread it out evenly, and let it dry while you sharpen your knife with the stones. Each bottle contains approximately 120 drops and each drop will micro-hone at least 3 knives. That’s about 360 knives minimum per bottle. (That’s a lifetime supply for most of us!)

Note: The KME 4 micron CBN emulsion is an incredible product!
The 4 micron CBN emulsion used in conjunction with one of our new Kangaroo leather strops is quite possibly the single most impressive sharpening accessory we’ve ever used and every single person who’s tried it agrees. One kangaroo strop and one bottle of 4 micron CBN emulsion are “must have” items!

Note: Always strop straight away from the cutting edge! Any movement that is into the edge will instantly result in the blade cutting into the strop.

Available grits: ($18.95 each)

4 Micron: 4,000 grit
1.5 Micron: 13,000 grit
.5 Micron: 60,000 grit
.1 Micron: 160,000 grit

KME CBN Emulsions
Standard 4-Inch 8-Piece CBN & Strop Set
Standard 4-Inch (1x4x3/16”) Kangaroo Leather Strops